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Feel frustrated by threading problems?

The Easy Threader makes threading a breeze! When you let go of the lever the wire will pull a big loop of thread through the eye of the needle. 


Practical and Durable

The Easy Threader’s high-quality plastic design is durable, compact, and practical. Rounded corners ensures that you’ll be comfortable and helps to thread needles and beads.

The needle threader is for hand sewing, sewing machines, tailor needles and beads of various sizes, helping to solve frustrating threading needle problems.

The Easy Thread is a great sewing machine threader and insertion tool, very convenient for all types of needles.

Saves You Time and Frustration

Quick and Easy To Use

Quick and Simple

To use the Easy Threader, hook the sewing thread on the hook with the threading slot of the metal needle facing upward, then insert the eye of the needle into the metal needle, and finally pull the thread out of the eye of the needle, threading is complete. 

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